Quick $2/$5 Hand at Borgata

While waiting for the $5/$10 game at the Borgata I decided to hop into the $2/$5 game until it was my turn.  I had played a few orbits and increased my stack from $500 to $650 by winning a few hands without showdown.

I noticed that the gentleman to my right seemed to be playing weakly and had a fairly large betsizing tell.  Each time he raised to $20 he had a hand that he thought was good and should be played, and every time he made it $15(often times after checking how far he was from the button) he was merely stealing.  This led me to reraise him several times and win the pot preflop and it had 3 very positive effects.  1)I won a bunch of money without a premium hand. The $22 I won each time I reraised him looked pretty good and was (fairly) risk free.  2) I looked like a maniac with all the reraising I was doing at an otherwise  passive table.  3) He began opening less, which allowed me to play more hands in position and make even more money.  If there are 3 positives and no negatives, sounds like a good situation to me!

As he was beginning to get frustrated and realized that I didn’t always have a big pocket pair when I reraised, my name was called for $5/$10.  I left nearly $200 richer in under and hour, all in all, not bad for “waiting time.”

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