PokerConsultant.org was founded to help poker players of all skill levels improve their poker games.  We know what it takes to be a successful, winning poker player at every level and want to help you achieve your poker goals.

Have you ever lost a hand and wondered if you could have played it differently?  Listened to a disagreement between two players and wondered who was right?  Perhaps you just enjoy improving your game to win more money or for bragging rights over your friends.  If any of these apply to you, come on in!

This site is based on the idea continual improvement of your poker game over time will lead to great results.  We post thoughts and strategy on our frequently updated blog, articles on important aspects of poker and book reviews.  In addition, we offer the ability to get private instruction, tailored to your needs, that will help you increase your winnings and your confidence.

We have coached many students, played millions of hands, spent thousands of hours crunching numbers and going through databases to get an edge on the competition.  The goal of this site is to impart that knowledge to you so that you become a better poker player and decision maker.

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