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Old Article on the Math of the Lottery

This article explains why playing the lottery is a bad bet, even when the jackpot is $500 million.

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Things That Might Help You When Reading This Blog

I have been told by several people that they are unfamiliar with the vernacular and shorthand I use in describing certain poker and math concepts.  I hope this page explains a lot of what I have written and I will … Continue reading

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Life Variance

Variance is a description of how far numbers in a set are from their average. There is a lot of variance in poker.  Your expected earnings, the amount of money you can expect to make in a time period, can … Continue reading

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Why I Rarely Play Tournaments

Tournaments are great for the game of poker.  They bring together many people who are interested who are able to play without concern of losing a lot of money, and have the chance of winning a big prize at the … Continue reading

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Poker as in life, requires a great amount of flexibility.  Things come up, plans change,  and the ability to adapt and let things roll off your shoulders affect the way you deal with the current situation and influences the way … Continue reading

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