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Antigua vs. USA in World Trade Organization Dispute

This story has finally gained traction after 10 years in this NYTimes article.  Antigua has decided to sell US intellectual property without paying royalties as a result of the United States violation of free trade agreements with regard to internet gambling. … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong

I have been an outspoken in my dislike and distrust of Lance Armstrong in the past, and now that it seems like he will finally admit to blood doping and cheating in his sport, I am ambivalent about it. It … Continue reading

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Slate Article on Going for 2 When Down in Football Games

An interesting article on why teams should go for 2 points when down 14 and scoring a touchdown.

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What the Jason Saw

When looking at the poker headlines, I often read how a player has won a lot of money in a short time and suddenly has the “key” to winning.  I have played poker professionally for nearly 10 years and I have … Continue reading

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Book Ratings from 2012 + List for 2013

Happy 2013 readers!  I hope that everyone has a very happy, healthy and successful new year! Those of you who know me know that I love to read.  Since I have been slow about updating the book review section of … Continue reading

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