Antigua vs. USA in World Trade Organization Dispute

This story has finally gained traction after 10 years in this NYTimes article.  Antigua has decided to sell US intellectual property without paying royalties as a result of the United States violation of free trade agreements with regard to internet gambling.  Nearly 10 years ago, the United States was accused and convicted of violating trade laws by preventing Antigua from offering internet gambling services in the US, while continuing to allow horse racing, the lottery, sports betting and all other types of gambling within its borders.  As a result, the WTO has ruled that Antigua is now free to violate US copyright laws in order to collect the damages they are owed.

The United States actions in this case have been appalling.  They knowingly violated international trade agreements because they felt they should not be subject to the internet gambling portion of them.  When challenged by, Antigua, a much smaller country, they have taken on the role of bully by ignoring the independent WTO decisions and trying to withdraw from the parts of the agreement they have been ruled in violation of.  When asked to change the laws to comply with the WTO decision, the US agreed, and then a year later arrogantly stated that they deemed themselves to already be in compliance.

The way the US has handled the situation with Antigua mirrors what has been done with internet gambling within the borders of the US.  There is no law making internet gambling illegal, and in fact, you are free to buy lottery tickets online, bet on horse racing online and to go to a casino in ANY state(except Hawaii).  The idea that the line on prohibition of gambling should somehow be drawn at gaming on the internet, when state run online and land based casinos and lotteries are everywhere is ludacris.

Here is a link to the timeline of the dispute

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