Another Hand!

Villain has 3k and seems to be playing a bunch of pots, but nothing insane. One hand of note is he coldcalled an UTG+1 raise next to act with QTo. He called with 2 people to act behind him on KQ4, called on a T turn and then fired a PSB on a Q river, got called and showed the winner. Only other hand I could think of is that he opened to 50 preflop with ATs and then checked down OOP and showed the winner.
Villain($3k) limps in EP, I($2500) limp on the button with 77, blinds complete.

Flop comes A72hh. 3 checks to me and they look disinterested so I elect to check.

Turn is a 9. SB leads $35, villain calls. I make it $125. SB calls. Now villain makes it $680 total. Action is on me.

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