Highlights of 10 Years as a Professional Poker Player

I have been a professional poker player for nearly 10 years and here are some of the memories that stick in my mind.  I might turn some of these into blogs at a later date.  In no particular order:

  1. Winning the Sunday Million on Pokerstars.
  2. Being SuperNova Elite 2x.
  3. Going to Monte Carlo for the European Poker Tour Championship.
  4. My first big loss playing limit hold’em and what I learned about playing my A game always.
  5. The first time I won a seat to the World Series Main Event.
  6. Winning 33 consecutive days at 6-max no limit.
  7. Playing 26 hours in a row of tournaments to get the most elite status on Empire Poker
  8. Winning a 6 way allin pot for $26k at a private $10/$25 game.
  9. Playing $5/$10 limit all night to earn a bonus and winning a ton of money in the process.  This was the first time I realized I could make it as a professional.
  10. Black Friday and the UIGEA.
  11. Playing $25/$50 vs. Prahlad Friedman, Freddy Deeb and Mike Matusow at Ultimate Bet when it was the biggest game around.
  12. Capping every street vs. Michael Mizrahi with QQ at $100/$200 on J737q because he was a nut and getting there vs K7.
  13. The NYC poker clubs where I played for a while.
  14. Chatting with poker friends on Skype while multitabling on my way to Supernova elite.
  15. My first coaching session ever with Barry Tannenbaum in Las Vegas.
  16. Making a terrible fold in my first World Series with a straight after getting raised on the turn.
  17. Playing $10/$20 on Empire Poker with my friend Mike as he was learning the game.
  18. Playing poker between ballperson shifts at the US Open.
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