The Bachelor/Bachelorette

On Monday nights, I am subjected to watching The Bachelor with my wife.  I consider it one of my husbandly duties.  This week they are down to the final four women and as each one brought The Bachelor to meet their family, each was fairly certain that he was the one she loved and that she was the one for him.  Its a bit shocking(but not totally surprising) that each of the women is so far removed from reality.  When there are four women left, the failure rate by definition, is at least 75%!  Yet despite these odds, the women barely wavered.  This is aside from the fact that only 4 of the 24 bachelors/bachelorettes are with the person they chose on the show!

I enjoy watching the families of the women who are a bit more removed from the situation, and who are doing their best to be tempered in their enthusiasm.  They seem to have the right response to their daughter dating a guy for 2 months, while dating many other girls.  In case you were wondering, the right response is skepticism and concern for how it will end, since in 96% of the cases, it does.

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