Spartan Race

Over the past 2 months, I have been training to run the Spartan Race on June 7th in Tuxedo, New York with the Trooper Fitness Team.  Since the Spartan Race(like the Tough Mudder), requires you to complete a variety of obstacles, in addition to a few miles of running its important to have enough strength and flexibility to do whatever obstacles they decide to throw at you(they don’t give you a map or tell you the obstacles beforehand). Some of the obstacles from past races have included: the monkey bars, wall climbs of up to 8 feet, tire drags, barbed wire crawls and rope climbs.  The penalty for not being able to complete an obstacle is a not so fun 30 burpees, so I have been training really hard in the hopes that I won’t have to do too many.

In the past, I have typically focused mainly on running, and then did a bit of strength work and weights, but training for the race has required me to do more full body exercises like burpees, squat presses and pullups and to take boot camp classes with the rest of the Trooper Fitness Team.  I have really enjoyed training with the Trooper Fitness Coaches and I leave each one feeling stronger, fitter, and incredibly, incredibly sweaty.  I feel fitter than I have been in a long time, even more so than before the NYC marathon . I am really looking forward to racing and seeing just how much my work will have paid off!

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