Random Thoughts

Happy New Year!

These are some of my random musings from the last few weeks:

Tim Kurkjian is an awesome baseball analyst and definitely my favorite to listen to.

Running is so relaxing and I love it.

Selling yourself at a markup when getting staked in poker tournaments is ridiculous because there is very few that have the ROI+ risk + effort to make it worth an investment.  Bring back the Bank of Timex.

Places that sell things who don’t have enough minimum wage employees to sell the goods still shock me.

No matter how well I learn how to swim, swimming in the open water in July is going to be scary.

Having read I am Malala, she deserves every accolade she has been given.

I don’t want to hear anymore about Joe Flacco’s great record when the defense is so good.  You know who is great in my 2 on 2 basketball league? Me and LeBron James.

Comparing historical football records is ridiculous.  Do you think it matters today that my team is on a 7 game losing streak against yours when the time period is 60 years?

Physical Therapy is the act of taking something that looks very easy and making it very, very hard.

Learn, adapt, conquer.  Repeat.

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