New Jersey Online Poker and Radio Interview

Just a quick note that I did an interview with a WNYC reporter about New Jersey internet gambling and it should be on the radio soon.  I will link to it when it gets published.

Since internet gambling has been up and running in New Jersey, I have been putting in a lot of hours playing online poker.  It feels really great to be able to play online again and my results over the last several months have been much better than even I could have expected.   I would like to share my experiences with you.

As I said above, it is great to be back online again.  When I started playing poker professionally, I began online because of the convenience, the ability to analyze my game and the flexibility of my schedule.  Those advantages have returned in full and not being forced to travel to the casino has made a huge improvement in my quality of life.  Travelling to casinos was not why I became involved in poker and though I met some great people,I am very happy to return to playing online.

Since I travel to New Jersey every day, I feel a bit like I have a regular job, commute and all.  I don’t mind the regularity so much, as it allows me to get into more of a routine than I had over the past 10 years or so.  I play at a local coffee shop which is nice enough to let me sit there for hours at a time and is open late.  I have adapted well to playing longer sessions since it is more difficult to take breaks.  The downside of not being able to play at home is that I get less hours at night when the games are the best.

The games have been excellent and there has been a lot of action most of the time.  I have been impressed by the number of players and am looking forward to New Jersey making compacts with other states to widen the player pool.  It seems like it won’t be too long before other states allow internet gambling as well and are looking to join New Jersey in the online gaming arena.

Geolocation is a huge issue for me.  To play, you must be in New Jersey and the software that checks your location is spotty and though it is improving, I still get disconnected frequently.  The geolocation is finicky and I have sometimes had trouble finding a place to play that is recognized as being in New Jersey.  The location system should be better, especially with a real and significant amount of money involved.

Depositing was very difficult in the beginning, but over the last month or so, I have had no trouble.  The addition of Neteller as a payment option and the ability to deposit at the cage have helped as well.  I hope that the banks will soon allow deposit via credit cards.

There are 3 main sites where there are a significant number of game: Party Poker/Borgata, WSOP and 888.  The software on WSOP and 888 is good and their promotions and customer service are responsive.  Party Poker/Borgata software frequently crashes on me and I have many more geolocation issues there than on the other two sites.  The crashing of their software has been an issue for nearly six months and they have refused fix it or even to acknowledge the problem.  I hope that as more sites and games become available, I will not need to play there any longer.


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