My Odds at the Spartan Race Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Spartan race I have been training for and I could not be more excited.  The course is very hilly and I have been doing a lot of running to prepare.  In addition, I have been doing a lot of strength work so that I can complete the obstacles and I hope that I can get through them without having to do too many burpees.  Since everything in life is probabilities, here is my analysis of the some of the race percentages:

I will finish- 98%.  I have no doubt that I am fit enough and have the fortitude to finish, but sometimes a freak injury can occur, so that is why it’s not 100%

Rope Climb-30%. I have done a lot of pullups and simulated rope climbing, but have never actually tried it out for real.  Also, given that it will be muddy, at the end of the race and that I only have one shot at it, I think that number is realistic.

Monkey Bars-50%. I have practiced a bit and have done pretty well, but the monkey bars on the course are a bit longer and probably more slippery than I am used to.

Monkey Net Cargo- 15%.  I watched a few videos and just about everyone failed at this obstacle.  I will give it my best effort!

Barbed Wire Crawl-100%.  I am going to finish it, but its going to be long and awful.  That’s what everyone said last year, and Spartan Race made it harder this year.

80lb Stone Carry- 75%.  That seems heavy, and I have never done anything like it, but something tells me I will find a way to get it done.

Wall Climb 80%.  I’ve done a lot of pullups so I think I should be OK getting started and then it is just climbing.

Spear Throw 30%.  I have never thrown a spear.

Most of the other obstacles will take some effort and will, but I think I should be able to complete them.  If not, I have practiced a lot of burpees just in case!

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