Meeting With PokerStars Management

A few weeks ago I met with two PokerStars managers to discuss the New Jersey poker scene.  The first meeting was over drinks in Jersey City and the second was a dinner in Southern New Jersey.  One of the managers was a player that I played with extensively on PokerStars a few years ago, and the other was a long time New York City poker player.  I thoroughly enjoyed discussing how New Jersey has done in implementing online poker and telling them what I thought could be improved.  I have always been impressed by the way PokerStars is run and I left the meeting having solidified those feelings.  They not only want to be a profitable company, but they want to provide their players with a good and enjoyable experience.

They could not give a time frame for PokerStars coming to New Jersey, since their licensing is still being processed, but as  soon as it is (I have read sometime in October) they expect to hit the ground running.  They have experience in implementing single country PokerStars brands and they expect to be able to improve on many of the areas which the current sites lack, namely depositing problems, software malfunctions, customer service and the rewards programs.

With so many of the major problems improved, I believe that they will be are able to pick up significant market share and I look forward to playing on PokerStars New Jersey as soon as it becomes available.  I hope that they can show other states what is possible when internet gaming is run the right way and thereby encourage internet poker to be more accepted in the United States.

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