Is the River the Most Important Street?

Things have been going well over the past 2 days.  There are a lot of games and they are excellent.  I have been playing very well so far and would like to keep it up!

In answer to the title, not exactly, but its close.  In no limit hold’em, bets are usually anywhere from 1/2 to 1 times the size of the pot.  This makes the betting exponential and leaves the river(the last round of betting) as roughly equal to the sum of all the bets put in before it.  Also, there are no more cards to come, so the “luck factor” is eliminated and you are relying entirely on your ability to size up your opponent, his tendencies, and evaluate his hand strength.  Other streets are important, occur more often, and can compound errors(calling a big reraise with K9o for example) if played incorrectly, but the river is the street that you need to play correctly, because a few big errors can really cost you.  Note that a lot of bad players errors come on the river in that they call too many big bets in situations where not a lot of people bluff.

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