Don’t Reload After Getting Stacked

I was playing with a player over the past week who told me he was a professional.  While I declined to tell him I was as well, it made me watch him a bit more closely because I wanted to see if he had any deficiencies in his game, and if there was anything I could learn from him.  Its always good to see what live pros are doing to make their money.  The first day I played with him, he got stacked for 2500 in a big pot where it seemed like he had a weak hand, and left shortly afterwards.  The next time, he made a 5bet preflop and then reluctantly called a checkraise allin  on the flop for $3500(which is a huge bet in this game) where his opponent showed AA.  He thought for 5 minutes on the flop and it seemed like he had a marginal hand.

The important thing to learn is what happened next.  He immediately reloaded to $2,000, without thought for whether or not he coudl continue to play his A game. Over the next hour, he made several plays that he probably would not have made at a different time, and lost another $3,000.   The point of the title is that sometimes you need to take a walk, clear your head, and make sure you can continue to play well before immediately reloading without checking on your emotions.

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