Dear Party Poker New Jersey

I play on Party Poker In New Jersey and from July 4th to 6th they had “An Independence Day Sale” in which many of their items were 50% off. The $25 bonuses, which I often use my points to purchase, were on sale for 350 points instead of 700 points. When I logged in on July 6th to use my points to purchase them, they were regularly priced at 700 points instead of the sale price. I did not want to purchase them at the regular price, since I felt it would be nearly impossible to get support to reimburse me.

I immediately emailed support on July 6th (before the sale was over) informed them of the problem and told them that I wanted to purchase the bonuses at the discounted price, and asked if they could do it for me manually. That was over a week ago and I have since inquired 2 additional times and have been told twice that the issue has been escalated to a supervisor and that I should have an answer soon.

I have lost what little faith I had in Party Poker and Borgata Poker. I have been playing on Party Poker(and Borgata Poker, which shares a player pool) since December and each time I have had a problem, I have been told it will be escalated to a supervisor and I have not heard back from them. It has now been nearly 8 days since my original email and given their history of ignoring problems, I would like to make this issue, along with many of the others that I have experienced over the past few months, public.

Here are just a few of the problems:

1)When I caught a player cheating by playing on the same table under a different screen name, I informed them and to my knowledge, there was nothing done about it.

2) The geolocation software, which ensures that the players are in NJ while playing, intermittently cannot locate me in NJ and therefore disconnects me from my games frequently. Because of a Party Poker software glitch, I must leave the table(losing my seat) in order to be geolocated in NJ. This does not happen on the 2 other main sites.

3)Their software crashes on me at least twice a day, they refuse to fix it and the reimbursements that I have asked for have also been escalated to a supervisor and ignored.

4)There is a phone number to call for support but no one ever answers it.

5)The security email that ensures that you are the one logging into your account(as mandated by NJ law) often arrives 5-8 hours after logging in, providing no security and ensuring that if your account is hacked, nothing can be done.

6)There are more software glitches than I can name, from prizepools being wrong, to clicking on the lobby making the software freeze, to the login window not opening until you restart the software several times.

Because of the limitation on the number of available games, I am forced to play on Party/Borgata in addition to WSOP/888 Poker and I understand that I make more money using their crappy site than if I boycott them.

Back in 2006, I made a conscious decision to no longer play on Party Poker because of their horrendous customer service, terrible software and lack of concern for their players. I chose to go with PokerStars, who left no stone unturned in attempting to become the best site out there for the players and whose reputation for customer service is impeccable. It is unfortunate that the politics of gambling in NJ has forced me to resume playing on Party/Borgata.

I know there are many out there who have expressed similar complaints about Party Poker NJ and who are excited for PokerStars to enter the market.

I have heard that PokerStars might be granted a license to operate in NJ soon. Be very afraid Party/Borgata, because I will be moving there and I am definitely not alone.

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